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From Grief to Good

Can People Turn Grief Into Something Good?

After unexpectedly losing his father to two rare cancers, Jamie Goodwick connects with individuals who have transformed their own grief to help others. From Grief to Good explores the psychological and physiological aspects of grief, to provide viewers with a better perspective of how overwhelming trauma can become something good.

Jamie Goodwick, the founder of Portland Video Production Company has focused much of his professional career on using filmography to tell the stories of overlooked and marginalized people. Many of his non-profit clients were started by people after the loss of a loved one and have raised millions of dollars in support of their causes. The experience of grief became personal for Jamie in August 2022 with the unexpected passing of his father, David, to two forms of blood cancer: Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis. The debilitating effects of his grief left Jamie questioning his purpose in life and searching for perspective on life and death.


Jamie asks himself daily how are some people able to focus on positive responses to unbearable pain?


How are they able to help others by sharing their stories yet not be crushed by constantly reliving a horrible event?


Do they regret their choices or see it as the only option for them?

Together, Jamie and the audience will attempt to understand grief through the perspectives of scientists, therapists, and personal experiences in the hopes that viewers can find their own paths to something good. 

From Grief to Good will share the stories of people who have already turned their grief into good. 

The ultimate goal of the documentary is to provide knowledge and tools to those who are personally burdened by grief or to their loved ones who are sharing their struggles so they can turn the focus of their life to good.

We anticipate the end of this documentary will actually be the beginning of a new journey in the transformation of grief, or other traumas, into something good. 

We are currently in preproduction for this documentary and expect to have proof of concept to public by Summer 2023.

To get involved, please reach out to

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