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need a crew?
we got you.

As one of the leading production companies in the Pacific Northwest, Portland Video Production Company has a network of collaborators to bring your vision to life.


Maybe you found us because you have a project with a short turnaround time. We pride ourselves at meeting your priority level with deliverables when you need them.

Whether your concept needs to be realized entirely in house, or you have a production that needs a top quality Second Unit, Portland Video Production Company has you covered.

Portland Video Production Company is a full service video production company. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality production at a competitive cost with a professional crew. No job is too big or too small. Portland Video Production Company is your one stop shop for working in the Pacific Northwest.

need a crew? we got you.


crew up

Let us do the leg work for you. We assemble the crew you need. Hair and make-up. Green screen technology. Real time changes to teleprompter queues. We can manage multiple units simultaneously. There is truly no limit to what our resources can create for you.



Many times the location you choose requires input from a variety of players that may be located in other other parts of the country. We can connect key people on your side with what’s happening on our side. We have experience managing real time conversations with off site producers or consultants who need to contribute immediate feedback with the director.


post production

Our post production service includes any sweetening of the audio, hiring additional voiceover  talent, and incorporating the right music to convey the tone of your story. Our director will work closely with your team to ensure any creative notes are incorporated.


studio space

We partner with multiple Portland Oregon studio spaces and have the connections to offer affordable space for your shoot.


file transfer

Whether you'd like your files delivered digitally or via external hard drive, we'll work with you to get you all assets in a timely manner.


working with talent

Our experienced crew understands how to work with talent to bring out their best. Whether it’s working with professional actors, or someone stepping in front of the lens for the first time that requires some coaching, we know it’s the talent that will ultimately connect your idea to your target audience.    


full scale

When we say full scale, we mean it. Once we work with you to understand your vision, you can turn everything over to us. The director and DP will determine the scope of the project so we know what size crew is required. Our gaffers and grips work with their own equipment. There are no hidden costs or expenses that inflate your budget. Our gaffers and grips are prepared for any and all types of shooting scenarios.


in-house equipment

In-house, we're equipped with two (2) Sony FX6 cameras to offer the latest and best quality video production capabilities. We also have drones, lighting, backdrops, audio, and everything you need for video production. Additionally, if you require a specific camera or equipment, we can rent anything for you. Visit our equipment page here.


drone crew

We own and operate PORTLANDRONE®, Portland, Oregon's one-stop shop for aerial cinematography. Learn more here.

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